Annulment- this can occur when you question the validity of the marriage, you can ask for a judgment of nullity (rather than marriage dissolution).

Annulment proceedings terminate the marriage based on the theory that, for reasons existing at the time of the marriage, no valid marriage ever occurred (i.e., the marriage, from its inception, is either void or voidable).

In the annulment process, the court can provide for orders regarding child support and property. Unlike in a dissolution or legal separation proceeding, formal testimony is required and there must be a court hearing. During the hearing, the Petitioner will need to explain to the court their reasons and legal basis for seeking an annulment of their marriage. At the hearing, if the court approves the grounds for the annulment, a judgment of nullity will be immediately granted, restoring the parties’ to single status and allows them to immediately remarry after the hearing.