• Adoption

    Stepparent adoption, independent adoption , adult adoption and relative placement adoption. Stepparent Adoption-this is

  • Divorce

    Divorce -A divorce ends a marriage and all direct legal relationships between the couple, except those specifically writ

  • Custody

    A child support order is separate from a child custody and visitation order. This means that you can not refuse to let t

  • Notary

    Driver’s license (issued within the United States of America) Passport (issued by the State Department of the United S

  • Alimony

    Alimony- during the time you separate or divorce, the court may order one spouse to pay the other spouse a designated am

  • Annulment

    Annulment- this can occur when you question the validity of the marriage, you can ask for a judgment of nullity (rather

  • Child Support

    Child Support- is not contractual and a request to modify the amount can be requested. There are certain statutes and gu

  • Child Support Modifications

    Modification of a prior order is when the court has made a ruling or an order and you are seeking to change that order.

  • Legal

    Legal Seperation- a legal separation does not end a marriage. A legal separation is for couples that do not want to get

  • Motions
    Family Law

    Motions: this is a form directed to the court which can be written for specific orders. Either party can file a motion i

  • Power of

    Durable Power of Attorney is very beneficial to if you fear that health problems may make it impossible for you to handl

  • Restraining Orders

    Restraining Orders: Restraining orders are direct orders issued from the court. Temporary restraining orders can be issu

  • Name Change

    Name Change: Common reasons for a name change include divorce, dissatisfaction with your current name or the desire to c

  • Process Service

    Utah Process Service is a licensed Private Investigation Agency with Process Server professionals. Our twenty-five plus