Child Support

Child Support- is not contractual and a request to modify the amount can be requested. There are certain statutes and guidelines that need to be followed and a “significant change of circumstance” to be eligible. Child support is not just a monthly amount for a child’s “support” but can also include the cost of special needs such as traveling expenses for visitation, educational expenses, and other special needs.

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How is child support calculated? Utah has a statewide formula that is utilized by the courts. The calculator is found by going to the Utah Office of Recovery Services Child Support Calculator ( ) for figuring out how much child support should be paid. There may also be other circumstances and situations that need to be accounted for, this may not always be a final number.

You can ask for a change in your child support amount when there is a change in circumstances. For example, if you change the amount of time you spend with your child, you ask for a change in your child support.

Collection of Child Support: Every county has a local child support agency to help you obtain, change and to ask for help collecting support. You have several different options regarding enforcing a child support order.